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Harvest Health

Sunday, 15 January 2012

New Years' Promise

I'm still loving the feeling of it being a new year.  I can't help feeling there is a sort of 'fizziness' to this time of year.  The new year feels like a new start, and without being 'New Agey', it as though there is a fresh energy.  The end of a year, with all its busyness and commitments is exhausting.  It is always such a relief to get through the Christmas period and come out the other side in a brand new shiny year. 

Making a few resolutions has increased my feelings of excitement and promise.  I think perhaps that is what is exciting - the potential of what lies ahead.  There is the potential for changing lifestyle, shifting priorities, new learning and new patterns.

Of course, these feelings of promise and energy might  just be due to the fact that it's Summer and school holidays here, and we have been able to spend some lovely days in the sun!

Diamond Bay

Lionshead beach, Werribee Gorge

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